Why Exactly Is It Hard to Exit a Timeshare?

exit a timeshare

You’ve been a part of a timeshare for years, and it hasn’t been serving you like you thought it would. You’re tired of the payments without actually being able to enjoy the benefits. At this point, you want to exit a timeshare.

If that’s the case, you’re one of the 85% of people who purchases a timeshare and regrets the decision.

But it’s not that easy to simply leave a timeshare. It can be difficult and time-consuming – and that’s where the cons of timeshares come into play.

But why is it so hard leaving a timeshare? Let’s dive into the facts about why the process is so difficult.

Paperwork Keeps Piling Up

When you purchase a timeshare, you have a lot of paperwork to do upfront. However, at this point, you’re excited about the opportunity and excited to get started with your new vacation home.

However, when it is time for you to try to cancel the timeshare and leave it, that paperwork is still there. It is full of the Right of Refusal Clause, the Right of Survivorship Clause, and Perpetuity Clauses.

All of these causes that are in the paperwork you excitedly signed from the get-go make it extremely difficult to get out of the timeshare when it is time for you to leave.

You Can’t Sell Your Timeshare Without Risks

You may think that to get rid of your timeshare, you can simply sell it. While you may be able to do that, that doesn’t mean you aren’t still contractually bound to the timeshare (even if you do sell it).


Because most timeshare companies make the contracts state that the original owner can only transfer ownership with a quitclaim deed. However, that just transfers the title – not the legal fees or mortgages. That means even if your name is no longer on the deed, you are still on the hook for payments.

As fees do tend to increase year after year, the person with the title may not want to make the payments anymore. And if that’s the case, it falls right back on you for your lifetime.

To Get Out, You Have to Legally Cancel the Contract

The only way to actually get out of the contract with the timeshare and leave for good is to convince the timeshare company to release you.

This can be difficult. That’s why timeshare cancellation companies can step in for you during this legal process. They are able to hold the timeshares accountable for salespeople and any violations they make, omissions of facts, and exaggerations that these people may make.

When working with a timeshare cancellation company, you simply want to make sure that their only task and commitment to you is to negotiate with the timeshare directly. Signing a limited power of attorney is a good sign in this case so that the cancellation company can negotiate on your behalf.

Sadly, working with a timeshare cancellation company or trying to negotiate your contract with the timeshare itself is the only way to leave a timeshare successfully.

The Finances May Get Tough

While canceling a timeshare is difficult as it is, it can also start to cause you to stress financially. Since resorts and other timeshare companies are notorious for encouraging down payments on credit cards, this can significantly impact your financial situation.

Not only are you putting something on your card that may be hard to pay off and cause your interest rates to rise, but timeshares also tend to work with collection agencies to collect any debt that you may owe. And they will hound you until you owe it.

If you fall behind on payments, the timeshare can be even more difficult to cancel and get out of. At a time when leaving a timeshare would be the best for you, they make it the most difficult.

Timeshares Use Unlawful Sales Tactics

When you sign up for a timeshare, you are most likely sitting in a hotel conference room listening to a 90-minute presentation. As you sit there, the salespeople look around to look for people whose reactions line up with those that usually buy a timeshare after the presentation.

When this happens, the salesperson will come over to you to learn as much about you as possible and finally hit you with an asking price. But that price is always high, but you feel guilty knowing that you are getting a free gift from the hotel for showing up, so you stay just to be polite.

When you stay, the salesperson will offer a much lower price down the line, which may convince you to buy it. While this is psychologically manipulating, this is not unlawful.

However, what is unlawful is that the information provided to you before signing the contract most likely left out vital information about the timeshare. You may not know the fees associated with the timeshare, and you certainly don’t know how difficult it is to get out of the timeshare when you don’t want to be a part of it anymore.

With everything being left out of the contract and information provided to you, the decision you made had to do with miscommunicated information, which is unlawful and unjust.

Timeshares Are Finding It Difficult to Sell to New Clients

Another reason that leaving a timeshare has become more difficult is that timeshares are finding it more and more difficult to find new clients (probably because of the word on the streets).

Resorts cannot find new customers and receive the money that they need to stay afloat as they used to when people were constantly buying timeshares. Because there are not as many new clients paying fees and paying for their timeshares, companies are holding onto their current ones.

This means that they are no longer buying back timeshares when owners don’t want them anymore or are missing payments. Instead, they refuse to let timeshare owners terminate their agreements.

While the timeshares themselves are simply trying to stay afloat, they are hurting everyone else in the process.

Timeshares Plan for the Possibility That You May Want Out in the Future

Timeshares are not naive. They know that many people who purchase a timeshare end up wanting out at some point in the future.

They also know that there are timeshare cancellation companies like us that can help you get out of your contract. Because of this, they always convince you to open up a new credit card to fund your timeshare (which the company will receive right away). However, doing this guarantees that you will be faced with high-interest rates.

When you do this, you are helping the timeshare company and hurting yourself. The timeshare companies know that, too, but are buying their time until you figure out how to hire a timeshare cancellation company to get you out of the timeshare for good.

The “A” Ratings You See Are Bought, Not Earned

Before you make any decision, you probably go through and do some research. While that’s not always possible with a timeshare because you are convinced in the moment, even if you did have time to look, you would see an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Because of that, you’d probably feel pretty good about your decision.

However, the BBB is not a government bureau. They are a private company. This means they charge fees for accreditation.

These accreditation fees are pretty expensive, so many companies (like Starbucks) choose to stay unaccredited. That doesn’t mean they are bad. And that also doesn’t mean that accredited companies are good companies.

To get real reviews, you should look at the timeshare’s BBB page lists for reviews. The BBB documents complaints and bad reviews so that you can see what other people are saying.

Exit a Timeshare On Your Terms

Being a part of a timeshare can be exciting and rewarding when you first sign up. You get to go on vacation and share the responsibility with your co-owners. However, you don’t realize how trapped you really are until you do want to exit a timeshare.

Leaving a timeshare is not easy, though. But that’s where timeshare cancellation companies come into play!

At Sapphire Cancellation, we want to make sure you know timeshare laws and can go about a timeshare exit without the unnecessary stress and financial pain.

If you are ready to get out of your timeshare, contact us today so that we can help you.

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