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If you want to cancel a timeshare that you bought in Alabama. Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation can help you. Also, Our Experts, analysts, and a team of experts have ample experience. With timeshare cancellation in each state. Here, Our team of experts’ knowledge of Alabama law. That allows us to cancel your timeshare. Contract legally and always without negatively effecting your credit.

Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge of Alabama laws. Regarding time sharing plans. In particular, Alabama Code Title 34 Chapter 27. Alabama has many laws in place to protect users. For violating any of these laws can be grounds for contract cancellation.

We will use every aspect of Alabama law to cancel the contract including. But not limited to:

  • Selling Without License, Failure to Provide Certain Documents at Time of Registration – Title 34, Chapter 27, Section 51
  • Failure to Honor Buyer’s Request to Cancel the Contract – Title 34, Chapter 27, Section 54.
  • Failure to Disclose Total Financial Obligation – Title 34, Chapter 27, Section 59.
  • Misrepresentation – Title 34, Chapter 27, Section 56.

Those without proper de legacy as they attempt to cancel the timeshare contract in Alabama. May remain liable for their timeshare, including special assessment fees. Also, care fees and high-interest rate loans. And if it wasn’t bad enough, any heirs pass down these liabilities.

If you want to do timeshare cancellation in Alabama. So do not hesitate another day. Time is everything. As soon as possible you contact Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation. At a moment our experts, analysts, and a team of experts can begin working for you. By these, We will protect you and your rights. We will shield you from all future charges. In many cases, our clients receive a partial. Or even full refund for funds paid to the timeshare company in addition to being freed from the contract.

Contact us today. So that we will begin working to cancel the timeshare that you purchased in Alabama. Our team of experts at Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation is licensed to work in all 50 states. And they have seen great success canceling timeshare contracts in Alabama.


Here’s what our program includes:

  • Protection from Harassment
  • Complete Contract Cancellation
  • Immediate Cancellation of Payments
  • Cancellation of care Fees
  • Mortgage Balance Cancellation
  • Credit Protection/Correction


General Program Milestones:

Finally, our program is broken up into strategic milestones:

1. On boarding and set up.
This is where the client completes their contracts. Also, pay their fee, receive their welcome call, complete all documents.

2. 1st round of arguments and claims.
The first thirty days are critical. Demands to developers are sent. Stopping foreclosure is valid. Debating negative credit items if valid. Case build for central law violations.

3. Resort response, and or credit bureau response.
This continues the case build for possibly 6-9 months for direct cancellation. Besides, the client has entered into the credit and risk handling program.

So, client case managing Homework for credit. And risk managing program attorneys. For the Fair Debt Group Practices Act (FDCPA). Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) violations interview, and case build.

4. Final Cancellation.

At last the client receives a notarized release. Or the client has entered a credit and risk managing program with legal sending to credit attorneys.

Although the client has timeshare removed from the credit account at zero balance. And/or is with credit and risk management credit attorney’s case. Timeshare canceled, now looking for damages.  

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