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At Sapphire we pride ourselves on being transparent and accountable.

We are the only exit company that is licensed, insured, and bonded in the US. We are located, ironically enough, in the timeshare capital of the world, Orlando, Florida.  Our services reach globally, and we handle almost all timeshare developers.

We have 5-star reviews on GoogleBBB, and Yelp with zero complaints. We provide consistent updates and have open lines of communication throughout the entire cancellation process. Our attorney is one of the highest rated lawyers in Florida, and we work hand in hand with a board certified, licensed, bonded and insured credit and risk management firm. All accompanying firms are registered and members of the  American Bar Association and  Department of Agriculture for Banking and Finance.

We are a family owned company that believes in defending timeshare owners against the unfair and fraudulent practices of the timeshare industry. We are the only firm that has a true credit and risk management program to assist in cleaning up our client’s credit to the best possible outcome.

Our program has developed extensively over the years and is not like any other cancellation program. We build strategic plans for each customer ensuring a swift cancellation. We use consumer laws, such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and existing state mandates to obtain a written, notarized release.

Here’s what our program includes:

  • Protection from Harassment
  • Complete Contract Cancellation
  • Immediate Cancellation of Payments
  • Cancellation of Maintenance Fees
  • Mortgage Balance Cancellation
  • Credit Protection/Correction

About TImeshare Cancellation Company

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General Program Milestones:

Our program is broken up into strategic milestones:

1. Onboarding and set up.

This is where the client completes their contracts, pay their fee, receive their welcome call, complete all documents.

2. First round of disputes and demands.

First thirty days are critical. Demands to developers are sent, stopping foreclosure if applicable, disputing negative credit items if applicable, case build for federal law violations.

3. Resort response, and or credit bureau response.

This continues the case build for potentially 6-9 months for direct cancellation or the client has entered into the credit and risk management program.

Client case management preparation for credit and risk management program attorney’s for Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) violations interview, and case build.

4. Final Cancellation.

Client receives notarized release, or client has entered credit and risk management program with legal forwarding to credit attorneys.

Client has timeshare removed from credit, account at zero balance, and/or is with credit and risk management credit attorney’s case. Timeshare cancelled, now seeking damages.

Guaranteed Timeshare Cancellation

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We are Referral Based

Here at Sapphire we believe the best business is referral based. Happy clients mean more happy clients!

How Sapphire Operate

How we Operate

We are a family owned company, our employees are like family, and our clients are like family.

sapphire Money-Back Guarantee

A 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We listen, we educate, we guide, and we assist our clients every step of the way: Guaranteed!

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