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Sapphire is the best timeshare exit company that is licensed, insured, and bonded in the US. We are located, ironically enough, in the timeshare capital of the world, Orlando, Florida. Our services reach globally, and we handle almost all timeshare developers.We are a family owned, transparent company that believes in defending the timeshare owner against all odds, the timeshare resorts. We are the only firm that has a true credit and risk management program to assist in cleaning up our client’s credit to the best possible means.

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Timeshare Cancellation

7 Things You Need To Know about Timeshare Cancellation

7 Things You Need to Know about timeshare cancellation BEFORE You Cancel Your Timeshare Contract Here are 7 insider trade secrets that could save you thousands of dollars. 1. As of 2018, there are still only a handful of legitimate timeshare cancellation companies in existence. Here’s why Most timeshare owners have a hard time accepting

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Devious timeshare sales tactics

Devious timeshare sales tactics

This lovely couple recounts their timeshare horror story. They describe extremely pushy tactics and unsolicited alcoholic drinks. What was supposed to be a 90 minute presentation that they were promised $450 for turned out to be a 8-9 hour high pressure sales pitch. They go on to explain the absolute horror story that unfolded when

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The How and Why of Sapphire

Your timeshare company wants you to believe that your timeshare contract is iron-clad, with no way out. Fortunately, at Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation, nothing could be further from the truth. In order to get people to buy timeshares, salespeople must convince them of something that simply is not true – that timeshares have tangible value.

But timeshares do not have tangible value. If they did, you wouldn’t be able to find so many on eBay selling for only a dollar. So ask yourself this question: If your salesperson had informed you that the Internal Revenue Service values your timeshare as worthless, and that timeshares just like yours are selling on eBay for a buck. Would you have signed that timeshare contract? Probably not, and that’s where we come in.

At Sapphire, we understand that the timeshare industry business model is structured to make it virtually impossible for salespeople to be truthful and still survive. Timeshare salespeople have no choice but to commit
‘lies by omission’ and fair-trade violations.

Cancel timeshare
Cancelling Timeshare

So when we enter the picture, the timeshare cancellation company has only two options; spend tens of thousands of dollars over months or even years fighting a war they are guaranteed to eventually lose, or keep all the money they’ve taken from you, and take back the timeshare so they can re-sell it to someone else.

We will 100% cancel your timeshare contract with almost any timeshare developer. We will stop harassing phone calls, debt collections, foreclosure, charge off’s, and more timeshare payments.

We cancel timeshares from any state, and we guarantee our results.

Should Sapphire fail to deliver the service agreed upon. The Client will be entitled to a refund of 100% fees paid in the cancellation process.

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